Dr. med. Manuel E. Cornely


Since 1997 Dr. med. Cornely, honorary professor of Puebla University, specialist for dermatology and venerology and founding president of the Professional Association of Lymphologists e.V has regularly and continuously every year operated on  several hundred patients with lipedema or lymphedema on arms and legs.

He has done research work as dermatologist and lymphologist and has developed the procedure of surgical lymphology, thus introducing  a paradigm shift in the forms of therapy of lymphology.











Dr. med. Matthias Gensior


As a specialist for plastic and esthetic surgery as well as for hand and general surgery he disposes of long years of experienc in surgical lymphology. He is a member of the German Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons DGPRÄC, president of the Society for Esthetic Surgeons Germany GÄCD and a member of  the Association  of German Surgeons e.V.  Since 1994 he has regularly participated in humanitarian actions of INTERPLAST Germany e.V. in countries of the „third world“.