If the lipedema is correctly diagnosed,conventional therapy aims at improving  the lymph flow.  To this aim manual lypmhatic drainage (MLD), as first described by Emil Vodder, is applied, whereby the hands of the physiotherapist redirect the lymphatic fluid from the body tissue back into the lymphatic vessels.This therapy always starts at the collar bones, continues along the trunk, decompressing  it centrally, and ends at the extremities. Manual lymphatic drainage should be carried out in the case of lipedema for 60 minutes up to three times a week. This drainage therapy aims at taking the pressure pain off the fat tissue of the lipedemic arms and legs.


A reduction in dimension or fat volume cannot be achieved. Succes can only be achieved if the lymphatic fluid can be prevented from flowing back into the tissue. For this reason compression stockings must be worn on arms and legs. A flat knitted compression wear has to be individually fitted and cannot be avoided in the case of this lymphological disorder since the fat areas in the extremities are irregularly distributed. Circular knitted over-the-counter compression wear is insufficient in fit and form. The compression wear has to be worn all day lifelong.

  • Lipohyperplasia dolorosa is an inborn fat distrbution disorder; therefore conservative therapy must be carried out lifelong.