The final stage of therapy and treatment of the lipoedema is a gentle liposuction called Lymphologische Liposculpture™  according to Prof. Cornely.

This method removes the fat of the lipohyperplasia dolorosa whilst at the same time maximising the protection of the lymphatic vessels thus restoring the balance between lymph production and transportation. The operative liposuction is shown under lipodoema for medical reasons.


The results that can be achieved by means of Lymphologische Liposculpture™ according to Prof. Cornely are permanent both in the case of lipoedema and secondary lymphoedema.


The operative removal of the tissue which increases in size in the case of a secondary lymphoedema doesn't only lead to an improvement of the lymph flow but also to a reconstruction of the symmetry between the affected and unaffected extremities.

In an ideal case, after the operation, 80% of the decongestive therapy does not need to be carried out at all.