Since 1998 different operation procedures have been introduced  to improve the lymphological backflow in the case of the secondary lymphoedema, ie. the lypmphoedema caused by a lesion of the lymphatic ducts or lymph knodes.  Whereas the lymphatic vessel transplantation is indicated in few selected cases to repare the dammage to the vascular system, the surgical removal of the proliferating tissue in the case of secondary lymphoedema does not only lead to an improvement of the lymph flow, but also to a restoration of the symmetry between the ill and healthy leg. The liposuction on the secondary lymphoedema as devloped by von Brorson in 1968 was modified and changed to Lymphologische Liposculpture™ according to Professor Cornely.


  • The aim of the soft removal of the tissue between skin and muscle is the restoration of the contour of the ill extremity and the removal of the solid sponge-like substance.